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A higher edition of your purchased product may suit you better

Edition upgrade

你会发现更高版本的your purchased product may suit your need better. Feel free to use the form below to request a coupon so that you do not have to pay full for the same product even it is higher edition and also at a higher price.

E.g.:You have AV Voice Changer Software, now you'd want AV Voice Changer SoftwareGOLD or DIAMOND; so this is an edition upgrade.

Request coupon for edition upgrade

We are delighted to support our customer to do anedition upgradefor their product by providing you with coupon link for the higher edition of your current product. Please provide your information into the form below:

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Version upgrade

For the purpose of better supporting our dear customers’ needs and catching up with computer technology (new OSs, for example), we periodically release version upgrades for our software products.

This is product’s major update of which the name of the software stays unchanged. The Version upgrade increases only version number. The new versions usually include modifications, enhancements, bug fixes, some new features and new skins.

E.g.:Version upgrade from Voice Changer Software 7.0 to Voice Changer Software 8.0.

To understand the terms version and editions, please see ourlegal information.