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Welcome to Audio4fun Online Support. We follow up on any problems that you experience with Audio4fun.com's products.

To understand about ourCustomer Careand技术Supportpolicies first to understand about the services we provide along with our products, please read ourFAQ pages.

Problems with the ordering process

Should you meet any problem with the ordering process or the checkout process atAvangate(our partner in processing orders), please check thebilling problem pageto see if your issue can be solved by the solutions available on the page. If your problem is not listed there, please contact ourtechnical support team.


License Renewal

Renew your product's license is essential for your benefits, it gives you the right to continue getting updates of the product, free upgrade to one new version of the product (if is available during your support time), and receiving the full support services from us. To understand more about license renewal, please take a look at ourFAQs.
If you want to renew your product's license, please contact us viathis formwith the subject "Renew License."



Should you need a multi-license for your computers, please contact our support team viathis formwith the subject "Multi-License" and please state clearly the product name and the number of license you need.
To understand more about license renewal, please take a look atthis FAQabout the license terms for our products.


Product Upgrading/Updating

For the purpose of better suiting the needs of our valued customers, we periodically release new versions and program builds for our software products. The product upgrading/updating will follow the terms in ourCustomer Carepolicy, please take a look atthese FAQsfor details.

Should you need any support for this matter, please contact us viathis formwith the subject "Upgrade Version" or "Update Build" accordingly.


Edition Upgrading

In case you want to upgrade the edition of your current product, from Voice Changer SoftwareGOLDto Voice Changer SoftwareDIAMONDfor example, please contact us viathis page.

Should you need any further support for this matter, please contact us viathis formwith the subject "Upgrade Edition."


Extended Support Service

Should you want to apply for an extended support service for a product, please contact our support team viathis formwith the subject "Extended Support Service" and please state clearly your name, your product name, its version, and the product's order ID. Before contacting us, please check if your product is still inour mainstream support list, then take a look at ourFAQ pageabout this kind of support service


Product Refunding

Our refund policy guarantees that you can get your entire purchase price refunded within 30 days from the date of purchase, under certain conditions. Before contacting our support team regarding refunding the product, please understand some matter about ourRefund policy.

When you have finally decided to request for a refund, please contact us viathis formwith the subject "Refund."



These are the most frequently ask questions by users around the world, all are regarding the downloading, installing, purchasing, functioning of our products, and about the policies applied to our products. There are also questions about the differences between different editions of the products. Go to ourFAQ pages



We have a free technical guiding system of severalfree online tutorials由Audio4f欧宝娱乐官方网站入口un.com提供的产品。在马ny tutorials, you also find several ready-to-use samples of settings or final results we have made with our products. Please visit the pages once in a while to keep up with our new tutorials.

If you need more information on the tutorials,send usyour inquiry



Join our Forum todayand join fellow members to discuss various topics on Audio4fun products, give comments on any products you have used and suggest more features to come in the next releases as your demands. Your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciate. So join usnow.


技术Support and Live support

The support services we provide to our customers are to help you with any problem you encounter during the time you use our products, and to make the most value from our products. Before contacting our support team, please take a look at ourFAQ pagesto know if you can find an answer for your matter there. If not, simply contact our technical support team by one of the options below:

Should your issue be sophisticated or long in depicting, please fill in ouronline support formas complete as possible to insure the fastest and most accurate solution to your problem. Our support team will reply to you in soonest time (usually within 24-48 hours).
Contact us viathis form.

Should you need immediate support, please use our live chat support system: from7PMto11PM(Eastern Time).
Clickheretochat directlywith our customer support team.