AV Audio & Sound Recorder
record live audio through a microphone or through any audio device

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The unique multi-devices recorder

AV Audio & Sound Recorder


Version: 2.0.5
Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Languages: English(UK)Italiano(Italian)日本語(Japanese)中文(Chinese)Tiếng Việt(Vietnamese)
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Recent updates: Dec 29, 2015
What's new: Core features enhanced. (Update log)
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    AV Audio & Sound Recorder - Recorded tracks exporting
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    AV Audio & Sound Recorder - Save recorded tracks


can record live audio through a microphone or through any specialized virtual audio device. WithAV Virtual Audio Deviceinstalled, the program can help to record conversations from any instant messenger programs, such as Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, etc.



Easy-to-use interface.

Record from microphone and/or other input devices at the same time.

Export recorded clips to mono/stereo with output quality up to 16bit (96,000 Hz).

Supports saving recorded clips directly into .MP3 (lossy) format, or directly into .APE (lossless); saving a file in a ‘lossless’ format matches and preserves the original recording quality.

Supports exporting directly to AV Audio Editor for editing and morphing.*requires that AV Audio Editor is already installed.

Supports saving outputs to a wide variety of file formats, such as: AAC; APE; FLAC; MP3; MP4; MPC; OGG; RAW; SPX; TTA; WMA; WV.*requires that AV Audio Converter is already installed.

Sample rates and formats are handled with a high-quality re-sampling and dithering method.