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Thank you for your interest in Audio4fun and its multimedia software.
Become an Audio4fun partner and reap the benefits of partnership with a company that offers you:

  • World-class cost-effective, reliable products
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If you're interested in joining us, we'd like to speak with your right away! We have built an impeccable reputation by strictly adhering to ethical business and Internet marketing practices. We don't take shortcuts to help our partners achieve their goals and we're keenly interested in working with companies of all sizes who share these same principles.

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Public Relations

If you're an editor, journalist, or other media professional, please contact our PR team for help with your feature. We can provide detailed software information, software pictures, logo downloads, expert advice and more.Click here.


Do you want to make more money by reselling Audio4fun.com's unique products? Do you want to bring more benefits for your site’s audience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join our Affiliate program.Click here.

Online Advertising

We offer our partners an array of online advertising solutions. You will find the details and specifications on all of our ad units on our website, Audio4fun.com.Click here.


Expand your opportunities to grow your business with Audio4fun. Further professionalize your marketing and make your company more successful in general with our versatile multimedia software.Click here.

Link Exchange

Yes, we do relevant link exchanges! If your site is multimedia related, send us your link and a description of your site.Click here.

Please contact ourSales & Marketingteam for any specific details. We're just an email away.