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Troubleshooting steps for checkout billing page problems!

If you experience a complication during the checkout process, it might be because of one of the below issues, please check to know if it is your case:

Credit Card Issues

1. Recheck your credit card information:

  • Credit card number: Do not use spaces, dashes or other characters when entering your credit card number.
  • Expiration date: Make sure the expiration date is correct.
  • Security code: Make sure the security code is correct.
  • Credit card name: Enter exactly the name on your credit card into the appropriate field.

2. Recheck your computer's firewall and/or security settings

Public or enterprise’s intranets might have the Firewall/ Security settings set to "High" which is to keep them in the highest secure. In those settings, when you access a website which is considered hazardous to the intranet, many basic functions of the site can be disrupted including the checkout process. If you access your account from work or a public computer (located in a library for example) please ask the IT Administrator about these settings. You will need to add Audio4fun.com as a "trusted site" to get through.

If you are using your own connection, make sure that your individual security settings are adjusted to Medium (or default) and that Audio4fun.com has been added as a "trusted site." See ourBasic Troubleshoot Guidefor more information on security settings.

3. Multiple Failed Attempts Processing a Credit Card Transaction

If you have checked above issues and have tried with the same credit card two or more times but your order has failed to be completed, your Credit Card might have been locked out by our system as a precautionary measure. We do this as a means to safe guard your card from being used fraudulently in the general order process.

In this case, please try one of these ways:

  • Place your order with a different credit card
  • Use Paypal to complete your transaction
  • Wait for 24 hours (for the system to clear) and try again with the same card

Paypal Complications

We collect funds from your Paypal account only when a new order has moved into the processed state. You must have a valid credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX) or debit account linked to your Paypal account to proceed through checkout.

If you have encountered an error during the checkout process or received a message of payment failure while attempting to finalize your order with a PayPay account, be advised that your order has NOT been processed until you have reached the final order confirmation page. This holds true even in cases where Paypal has provided an order confirmation. If you encounter such an error, pleasecontact us, we would be happy to assist in the finalization of your order. We assure你,你只会被起诉or orders that are finalized and verified through our on-line order system.

In some instances you might need to contact Paypal to ascertain the nature of the payment failure.

Coupon / Promotional Code Problem

If you have a coupon code but don’t know how to use it, pleasecontact uswith the below information:
- Name of the product you want to buy
- The coupon code

We will check if the code is still valid and provide you with a purchase link for the product.

Still have problem with ordering process

Contact our agents with one of the hotlines below (24/7).

contact support

» For order from Avangate

Tel: +1 (650) 963-5701 USA/Canada
+31 88 000 0008 International

» For order from Bluesnap/Plimus

Tel: +1 (866) 312-7733 (toll free in US and Canada)
+1 (858) 350-7473 (international)

Other support services