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  • Earn30-60%commission each sale!
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Affiliate benefits

  • Free-of-charge registration to all Audio4fun's Affiliate networks
  • 100% guaranteed payment system:Every single sales made on your website will be credited to your Affiliate account automatically. Your commission will never lost.
  • Competitive commission:New affiliates start earning with our default commission rate 30%. We also provide a few easy steps for you to increase it up to 60%.
  • High quality products:Our audio/video morphing products are highly recommended by well-known tech websites, like CNET, Softpedia, Soft32, Brother Soft, ...
  • Frequently updated marketing tools:banners, videos and tutorials.
  • 24/7Audio4fun附属Te的支持am.Contact nowto get more information.

How to increase the commission up to 60%?

Very simple! Once you are an affiliate in our affiliate network, do the following steps to earn up to 60% commission each sale:

  • Write 2 reviews, or tutorials on our products+5%of the commission;
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他们不仅能帮助你有效地销售,但是also increase your commission rate at Audio4fun's Affiliate Network. For any questions regarding increasing commission, feel free toContact usnow!

How to get started?

Currently our affiliate program mainly runs on Avangate platform:


Name:AVSOFT Corp.


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Already and Avangate Affiliate?

  • Login to your account
  • Search our vendor ID and request for partnership
  • When the affiliate relationship is established, generate affiliate links and use our marketing materials to start promoting our products.
  • Any sales originating from your link will be credited to you, and you will receive the assigned commission.


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Top selling affiliate products

Version: 9.5.33
List price: $99.95
Languages: English(UK)Italiano(Italian)日本語(Japanese)
Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


  • User-friendly interface with a smart and easy access
  • Easily changes voice for both online and offline purposes (voice-over, voice dubbing, presentations, narrations, mimic the voice of any person in real time, etc.)
  • Features multiple editing tools that not only change your Timbre and Pitch levels, but also enhance, process the voice to produce highest quality output.
  • Offers hundreds of "nickvoices" (a.k.a. pre-sampled voice output settings files) menu for instant use
  • Cutting-edge voice morphing technology to help you create natural voices
  • Provides a huge library of vivid audio and background effects
  • Compatible with online video games, instant messaging and VoIP programs and other kind of recording and editing apps

Click hereto see AV Voice Changer Software Diamond's demonstration

Audio4fun Affiliate Policies

  • Self-created coupons by Affiliates will not be allowed without the expressed, prior permission of Audio4fun.
  • Other offers made by any Affiliate without first obtaining the expressed permission of Audio4fun will not be recognized.
  • No Brand keywords are permitted in any PPC directly related to Audio4fun.
  • No PPC Brand Bidding will be permitted in regards to any offer/relationship with Audio4fun.
  • Affiliates are not allowed to use domain names similar to Brand keywords in regards to any offer/relationship with Audio4fun.
  • Website or domain names used by Affiliates and its Brand keywords will be disclosed to Audio4fun prior to any offer/relationship with Audio4fun.
  • Generating affiliate commissions fraudulently through the use of "cookie-stuffing," or any other illegal/unethical means, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

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