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About Audio4fun.com


Our mission is to provide end-users with:
  • New entertainment experiences in chat, web phone, PC2phone and online gaming;
  • Total privacy in any voice or video chat room;
  • The ability to turn a PC into a home recording studio, a music machine, and a CD/DVD maker.


Throughout many years of continuous development, Audio4fun has been involved in audio and video software technologies and has specialized in three core areas:
  • Audio and Video Morphing Algorithms:These algorithms enable users to apply real-time effects and filters to voices, sounds, and images generated from any digital device or plug-in on a PC. These morphing algorithms include the pitch-timbre morpher, frequency morpher, advanced tune module, equalizer, as well as others, and the output can be saved in a variety of formats.
  • Audio and Video Stream Interception:This technology provides the capability to mix audio and video streams together, no matter what the generating source; recording streams, playing streams, or capture streams from a microphone, media player, internet radio/video, voice chat, PC2phone, or web cam — the sound/image can be captured and processed.
  • Audio and Video Real Time Effecting:This is one area of great success for Audio4fun which is developing algorithms that apply effects to sounds and pictures in real-time. For example, one application allows the user to modify, in real time, their broadcast voice and image, either in chat rooms or in internet conversations.


Audio4fun's innovative technologies have produced several unique and powerful media morphing applications. With these powerful tools, users can modify any audio or video input taken from a wide range of media from sound, voice, music, video and image files to voice chat, webcam streams, home recording studios, and other online and offline sources, and save them in a variety of formats.

Our products are built for all levels of users. First-time users will feel at ease using the preset options and ready-to-use items, while more advanced users can take advantage of the many tools available to create and control their own morph effects in real time, change formats, make unique CD/DVD labels, save, organize and share their work. These programs are essential tools for any audio/video "producer."

We are currently offering four product series:

  • The Voice Changer Software seriescaptures and modifies vocal input from a microphone or streamed voice sources, or from any source accessed through a PC. The voice input can be changed in two dimensions - voice pitch and voice timbre - to create various voice outputs with different “ages,” "genders" or other effects. The Voice Changer Software series has been developed for use in voice chat, online games, Net2Phone, Karaoke, and narration.

    Voice Changer Software gives you the power of:

    • Chatting with a “nickvoice” in voice chat and PC2phone. A man can be a woman, a woman can be a man, and young people can be older. No more worrying about your privacy in the cyber world
    • Recording all streams generated through your PC and plug-in device, then saving them in MP3, WMA, and other audio formats.
    • 变形音乐、网络广播的time.
  • The Audio Morpher seriescombines several morphing tools into a single software package. The modules include MP3 player, sound recorder, voice morpher, effect maker, MP3 converter, CD ripper, CD burner, and CD cover and label editor. Customers currently enjoy AV MP3 Player Morpher 4.0 and AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0. Owners of these products automatically qualify to receive the latest version of their software, at no charge, as soon as it is released.

    Audio Morphers give you the power of:

    • Playing MP3 music and other music formats: wma, wav, ape, ogg, aif, nist…
    • Creating mix effects to produce special effects of your own
    • Ripping audio CD tracks and saving them to your hard drive in various file formats
    • Converting between sound file formats.
    • Burning music and sound files to CD.
    • Making CD covers and labels
  • The Webcam Morpher seriestakes webcam voice chat to a new level of fun, and adds a level of security. Webcam Morpher has developed a unique and large library of "nickfaces" – virtual visual identities that the user controls in real time to create a secure, visual persona for video chat sessions. Used in concert with the included “nickvoices” from the Voice Changer Software series, the user gains complete control of their online identity. Users can also apply many audio and video effects, and then capture the resulting audio/video output and save it into an AVI file

    Webcam Morphers give you the power of:

    • Chatting with a “nickvoice” and "nickface" in webcam voice chat and PC2phone. A man can be a woman, a woman can be a man, and young people can be older. No more worrying about your privacy in the cyber world
    • Recording webcam images and saving them in avi files
    • 添加音频和视频eo effects while chatting
  • The Video Morpher serieswas developed to provide users with innovative ways to edit and morph their video files, whether created or captured. Starting with a quality video/DVD player, the series includes a powerful converter, a CD/DVD burner, a full-featured organizer, and a CD/DVD cover creator. The user can access and apply hundreds of real-time audio and video effects to their files. Latest in the series, AV Video Morpher 3.0 now supports voice dubbing with powerful tools like voice remover and voice changer.

    Video Morphers give you the power of:

    • Playing their DVDs and video files with high quality sound and image and in different styles
    • Convert DVDs and video files especially to AVI files
    • Edit DVDs and video files with audio and video effects, add subtitles
    • Dub voices to DVDs and video files directly from a microphone, with their real or morphed voice


In order to integrate more breaking technology into Audio4fun products, licenses have been obtained from recognized partners, including Thompson, Microsoft, and others, to develop powerful built-in features. These licensing partnerships help incorporate several tools into one single software package, making them easier and more helpful than ever.


One of Audio4fun's purposes is to keep our products fresh and ever-growing. We keep improving the current voice-changing and audio-morphing software and simultaneously developing new products for our valued customers. New editions, new versions, and new products have been coming to users, winning their confidence and earning high ranks in rating websites.


Orders for Audio4fun products are processed by reputable retailers - Avangate for payment security and easy information tracking.
User satisfaction is guaranteed by Audio4fun. Within 30 days of purchase, customers can claim a refund in the event that the software was not satisfactory.


Prompt and courteous after-sales service from the Audio4fun support team, together with the products’ quality, create a satisfying experience for the customer. We welcome and appreciate all comments and feedback regarding our products so that we can do better for our customers.


Audio4fun Communityis open to all members and to anyone interested in the audio/video creative entertainment. Visit our web site regularly for relaxing moments, new goodies, freebies, and product upgrades. Go to theAudio4fun Forumto share tips and experience, and join our contest for fun and win prizes.


Loyal customers and regular visitors have given Audio4fun the pride of being one of the most popular websites in the audio/video field, and Audio4fun’s products a high rank in online shopping malls.